Men’s Lederhosen Egbert Black Suede Shorts w Suspenders

*Suspenders included; not shown in photo*

Great traditional lederhosen shorts in black suede with traditional beige embroidery motifs, horn buttons, and suspenders with embroidered cross-piece and metal buckles.

Inseam is about 9.5 inches/24 cm . Larger sizes have an 11 inch/27 cm inseam.

***Sizing Note*** Lederhosen are sized according to your actual waist measurement, NOT your North American trouser size. Please measure carefully your waist at the place the waistband of the shorts will sit, and order the size closest to that number. Bear in mind that the waistband of the lederhosen has a pleat at the back, which can be let out to allow an extra 1.5 inches/3.7 cm.

Larger sizes under separate listing.


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