Fabric Panel for Border Print Dirndl Apron

The photos just don’t do justice to this gorgeous poly brocade fabric panel for dirndl apron.

The solid background is a lovely shade of green, best described as tealish-olive, that changes with movement and light. The border pattern is bands of sky blue, leaf green and deep pink with pale pink flowers and vines of dark green and blue…stunning!

The pattern runs the width of the fabric, which is 170 cm or 69 inches. The length of each panel is one meter, or 39 1/2 inches. The strips for the apron ties are cut from the width of the fabric to incorporate some of the pattern. Some prefer to use a coordinating solid satin or silk fabric, which add additional interest to the finished apron.

There is sufficient fabric for an apron up to 39 inches overall length (including waist band).


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