Lederhosen Karl Dark Brown Antiqued with Suspenders
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Lederhosen Karl Dark Brown Antiqued with Suspenders

Antiqued dark brown lederhosen shorts with added "patina" to mimic the slight shine that the shorts take on with wear, which gives them some variation in colour as well.

Embroidery features traditional motifs of edelweiss, deer, and twining foliage, and is actually more muted that it appears in the photos.

Included suspenders.

Waistband has the traditional back pleat with leather laces, to allow adjusting to 1 1/2 inches/3.7 cm larger. The size 62 actually measures 48 inches for waist!

**** Sizing Note: Sizes provided are based on your waist measurement, not your North American trouser size. Please confirm your size by taking body measurement or measuring a pair of trousers that currently fit you by buttoning and zipping and laying flat, then measuring the waistband from one side to the other. Multiply this by 2 to find your size.***
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