Face Covering, Non-medical Mask,  Bavarian Theme
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Face Covering, Non-medical Mask, Bavarian Theme

SAVE ...Buy 2 or more $10.00 each Get your Bavarian on, even in troubling times, with this moisture-wicking poly face covering (non-medical mask) in the bright blue and white of the Bavarian flag! Lightweight and cool to wear, the tubular design fits securely over nose and mouth. PLEASE NOTE: Health Canada and U.S. CDC recommend that masks/coverings be worn over both the nose and mouth, and be at least two layers of fabric to better trap moisture and protect those around you from possible exposure to germs and viruses. *Please fold the face covering so that the portion over your nose and mouth is two layers thick. The fabric is lightweight enough to allow you to add an extra shallow fold or pleat at the chin, to create more ease when talking, should you wish to do so. The fabric is the same as that used in golf shirts and similar sportswear, and is printed with dye to give a soft texture, which makes it comfy to wear and easy to fold or scrunch into a head/hair band or neck-warmer. Easy care - wash by hand in hot water using hand or dish soap *after each time you wear it*. Hang it up - it dries very fast! Dryer not recommended.

PROUDLY Made in Canada!

We will refund the quantity discount prior to shipping.

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