Dirndl Ulli by Marjo
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Dirndl Ulli by Marjo

Pretty navy blue cotton dress has loads of details. The dress is tiny white micro dot print on navy cotton; the apron is coordinating tiny gingham check. Bodice neckline is trimmed with ruffle, white crochet lace, and pretty rose pink flat braid. Hooks are antique metal embossed floral design. The apron hemline is trimmed with white lace and the same flat braid used on the bodice. The apron ties are wide satin ribbon reversible from navy to rose pink, and the bodice lacing ribbons are in both colours, as well.

The dress measures 58 cm/23.5 inches from waist to hem, to fall above the knee on most women of average height/proportions.

Wash separately in cold water, gentle cycle, inside a mesh laundry bag. Hang to dry; warm iron as needed - avoid ironing the trim and lace. Hint: Add 1/2 cup of salt to the water to prevent dye transfer.
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