Dirndl Shades of Blue with White from Hammerschmid
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Dirndl Shades of Blue with White from Hammerschmid

Crisp, classic combination of various shades of blue with white always looks fresh! This button front dress from popular maker Hammerschmid is fashioned from very high quality Turkish cotton. Dress is medium royal blue with a soft pattern of lighter blue scattered floral motifs. Apron is the reverse...white with blue motif; and the apron ties are a teeny tiny royal and white check cotton. Traditional mother of pearl buttons on the front of the bodice, which is also piped with the same fabric as the apron ties.

Length from waist to hem is 70 cm or 27.5 inches, to fall mid-calf on most women of average height and proportions.

Manufacturer recommends washing pieces separately in cold water with mild detergent and hanging to dry to prevent shrinkage. Iron at "cotton" or use a garment steamer as required.

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