Dirndl Sabille by Marjo
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Dirndl Sabille by Marjo

Available in size 38/ U.S. 8 only.

Another gorgeous and unique dirndl in a neutral colour that only enhances the dramatic details of the dress. This one in a taupe 80% cotton/20% poly blend with an oil-washed finish to give the fabric a slightly distressed appearance. Amazing details include pleated fabric trim and rhinestones around the neckline, ornate oversized silver tone hooks and an amazing deer motif on the back of the bodice in silver and bronze-tone matte metallic square sequins. The taffeta apron is slightly darker in colour than the dress and fastens with a lovely pale taupe satin ribbon, and lends an extra touch of "glam" to the dress.

Skirt portion of the dress is a little longer than some, at 68 cm/ approx. 27 inches, to fall below the knee of most women of average height.
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