Dirndl Nova Blue Grey with Taupe
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Dirndl Nova Blue Grey with Taupe

Lovely, elegant dress in longer length, perfect for dressy occasions. The dress is pretty slate blue and taupe brocade which drapes beautifully, and is lightweight and comfortable to wear in all seasons. Front zip bodice is trimmed around the neckline with lace, pleated fabric, contrast piping and accented with pearl trim. The hooks are a unique antique bronze finish, to hold the taupe satin ribbon firmly in place. Apron is lightweight poly brocade in a subtle allover tonal pattern, trimmed with a row of pearls and lovely blue/grey scalloped crochet lace along the hem.

Skirt portion measures 65 cm/26 inches to fall just below the knee on women of average height and proportions.

Professional cleaning recommended at a facility that specializes in bridal and formal wear.
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