Dirndl Hopfensee Taupe with Deep Slate Blue
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Dirndl Hopfensee Taupe with Deep Slate Blue

Beautiful dress with allover floral brocade bodice in shades of taupe, pink and dark slate blue. Neckline is trimmed with taupe taffeta ruffle and is adorned with two tiny heart charms with blue rhinestones at the top of the zipper. Skirt portion is high thread count cotton in taupe with allover cream tiny polka dots. Apron is deep slate blue taffeta with lace and ruffle trim above the hem, and coordinating creamy rose pink ties.

Skirt portion measures 28 inches/70 cm in length, to fall below the knee of women of average height and proportions.

Professional dry clean dress; apron is hand washable in cold water with mild detergent and hang to dry.
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