Dirndl Eliana by Marjo
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Dirndl Eliana by Marjo

SALE $180.00 was $220.00 Size 30/0 only available This dress features an unusual printed bodice with scattered cameos of a sweet pair of deer, surrounded by pink foliage against a soft taupe checked background. Neckline is trimmed with two rows of butterfly pleated fabric, and the bodice also has a sweet charivari with hearts and deer charms in the same soft bronze metal as the hooks. Two satin ribbons lace up the front of the dress...one in cream and one in taupe.

Skirt portion is very soft cotton sateen in pale taupe with allover cream micro-dots, trimmed at the hem with flat braid.

Apron is taupe lace over a lighter taupe taffeta liner, with strings from the same fabric.
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