Dirndl Apron S,M,L,  Choice of Assorted Colours
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Dirndl Apron S,M,L, Choice of Assorted Colours

Pretty cotton apron with white vertical stripe in open vine and leaf design. High thread count and typical European high quality cotton make this a great value, and a perfect way to "change up" the look of your solid colour dirndl without spending a fortune!

Length: 89 cm for wear with ankle-length dresses, though the straight hem is very easy to shorten to whatever length you need.

Available in a variety of colours, in three sizes: Size 1 - Small (up to size 8 or 38); Size 2 - Medium (size 10 -14 or 40 - 44); Size 3 - Large (size 16 - 22 or 46 - 52).

All cotton; machine washable in cold water and hang to dry. Warm iron.

Shipping category: Light
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