Cotton Dirndl Apron Size Medium (40 - 44)  Assorted Colours
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Cotton Dirndl Apron Size Medium (40 - 44) Assorted Colours

Pretty cotton apron with white vertical stripe in open vine and leaf design. This is a stock item, so designs may vary from photos as we restock. High thread count and typical European high quality cotton make this a great value, and a perfect way to "change up" the look of your solid colour dirndl without spending a fortune!

Length: 89 cm for wear with ankle-length dresses, though the straight hem is very easy to shorten to whatever length you need.

Available in a variety of pretty colours.

**NOTE: The Spring Green Print, and Pink/Magenta Print aprons are $65.00 each.

All cotton; machine washable in cold water and hang to dry. Med-high iron as necessary.

Shipping category: Light
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